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Recreart is a female-driven creative studio working worldwide on digital innovative strategies, engagement & communication tools. Let's talk?



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We are DNA unlockers. We help revealing unique traits to make your brand more attractive, transparent and truthful.


We are eye-openers. We believe our professional and personal experiences can be a great help for the ones eager to achieve the next level.



We are knowledge boosters. We love decoding complex theories into fun and educational workshops and classes. Simple and hands on.


We help start-ups, projects, businesses and professionals amplifying their visibility


Happy Clients :)

I have attended Recreart's last Digital Marketing workshop and just can't wait for the next and more specific ones. Consistent and very well balanced regarding theory and practice. Bravo and thank you, Recreart! Keep us posted. I want more! Charlotte Valade

Excellent professionals. Skilled, dedicated, welcoming and high proficient in Communication and all knowledge shared. Diana Costa

It is a privilege working with you. 5 stars team, full of good vibes, wonderful ideas, excellent execution and a 100% committed. Thank you! Monica Mendes


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