Muses of Urbanity






Is a personal journey of urban cyclist Renata Santiago around the major cities in Europe that were changed by bicycle culture. Berlin, Copenhagen and Stockholm have changed their mobility status and urban design with a strong cycling culture. Muses of Urbanity comes from a feminine and aspirational perspective.

From Europe to Brazil, this journey has become a sensible and connecting event for the cycling community in São Paulo through a photography exhibition, talk with many inspiring cyclists, cycling brands, activists and entrepreneurs.



Body and soul inspiration: @pedalglamour, @veloclothing, @beautybikebr

Urban cycling trends from a EuroBike point of view: @velosophy

Cycling the North Sea Cycle Road 5.000km with Raquel Jorge

Entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and cycling: Thinking Insight, @biketoursp, e-moving  



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They glide elegantly.

Have the wind cut nicely and gracefully.

When they rest, they adorn.

When moving, they transform.

Because they are the move.

A move that colors everything up.

A move that makes everything fluide.

A move that turns concrete cities to a more human friendly environment.

Because they remind us of the bright side of being human.

And they make it stronger.

Running free those two wheels embrace tours, dreams and amazing reunions.

They bring out smiles.

These muses connect freedom lovers.   

Muses of Urbanity rescues the collective.

They are pure inspiration to a cycling and always moving life.


Book Concept


Color Studies

Palette combinations with shape exploration


Digital & Printable Versions


Photography Exhibition



The bike allows people to be in direct contact with the environment. It is possible to watch details that go unnoticed when we're in vehicles that are faster and that disperse attention to the roads and other vehicles in the flow. Moving with the bike becomes a way of living the city, with its smells, colors and people. After all, it is much easier to stop the bike to say hi to friends on the way to work than stopping the motor vehicle. When on a bike trip, this experience becomes even more powerful. A reality already experienced by thousands of people, especially in the more mature countries with regard to bicycle use, such as Germany, Denmark, Holland and France. In addition to saving fuel and stress-related health conditions, this habit is closely linked to trends like Live The City. More and more spaces need to be rethought to embrace and enhance the experience, experience and consumption for a population that will increasingly ride a bicycle. Parklets, cycling routes as architectural props of the city, occupations of open spaces for cultural interactions. The bicycle is a social connector in urban spaces.





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