Training courses



Digital marketing: strategy & campaign

Creating an online brand presence: strategy and campaign. The master class lasts 6 hours and is divided into three modules that contemplate  practical content, which guides the participant from the understanding of the nature of online platforms and the different ways they can be used, to their application within the context of brands.



Digital marketing real estate special edition

Online presence development: concept, strategy, content and performance campaign. A real shake it up weekend. This 10 hour workshop will take you on a dive in the online branding and digital tools world. Group dynamics and exercises will guide you to the best understanding of the most efficient digital tools and channels, and how to use them in your favor to raise your visibility and to get more leads.



LinkedIn for professionals

How to use it to increase your professional visibility. With a 6 hour load, the master class is divided into three dynamic learning sessions, which aim to guide the participant on how to use the platform as a tool for professional promotion.