The now is female

The future is a result of what we do now. 

To us, the Recrearts, every day is Women's Day. Now is a perfect timing to congratulate all women that changed history doing their best and the ones that devote their time, knowledge and even their lives to build a more fair reality between genders, with the feminine relevance. It is time for us to raise in voice, union and in mutual contribution. Our moment always have been, it is and will always be now.


Female 2 Female

Is a knowledge and inspiring project addressed to women eager to achieve the next level in her personal and professional lives through learning, sharing and experiencing from many other women.


This is for

You woman gone international and is in the beginning or middle of process to build something new, from a new lifestyle to a new business in Lisbon.

You that have something buzzing in your ears to change something and yet don’t know how to start.

You that is already doing a great job in the market and is curious enough to learn a new way of doing it or improving your job.


And you

You that have a serious relationship with the creative industry or have been flirting with it.

You that might think your job have become boring and unattractive enough to make a change.

You woman willing to conquer the world.



It Offers

Master classesworkshops and talks that aims to help women through leadership & entrepreneurship, personal & business branding, career development, moving abroad, new brand & business activation. 

We build a feminine environment where inspiration, references, researches, observation, digital marketing, managing and other’s expertises are tools to promote women empowerment.


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Meet the Muses

Bad, bad, calls the cat to the happiness celebration of Marias from Portugal and from the world. From Macau to Portugal, Cátia rimes much more than poems. This former teacher fell in love with weddings and made them her business. But Cátia goes beyond. What she really enjoys is turning this ancient and traditional ritual into something magical, original, less conventional and totally unforgettable. Bad Bad Cátia defies standards with authentic creations that show who the brides really are, their style, wishes and soul. Cátia’s sensibility puts happiness in the skies on a balloon, brings romance and gothic together and expresses love in every single detail and the unexpected. While she faces the challenge of settling Bad Bad Maria in traditional Portuguese lands, goes hunting for a surprising scene - land, sky and sea - Cátia makes it count that, for us women, the rule is our own. Get to know Cátia, what was like to bring Bad Bad Maria to life, the dark and the bright side of the light of being an entrepreneur and an inspiring woman. Get inside our last event »

The “Old is beautiful” sentence was pumping in Susana’s head for 13 years. Something that started from spending time with her grandma, playing with fabrics, scissors and listening to her stories. Since then she has majored in Arts & Design, influencing and developing innovative programs in the country and abroad, and the best of all: Susana has transformed what once was a sentence in her head into a major and inspiring accomplishment, the A Avó Veio Trabalhar. The awarded project now in its 4th year combines product design with traditional knowledge and social innovation and elderly ladies above 65 years old. Get to know Susana, what was like to bring A Avó Veio Trabalhar to life, the dark and the bright side of the light of being an entrepreneur and an inspiring woman. Get inside our last event »

Ana’s hands turned from the fashion world to a more poetic one. She now gets her hand on flowers that decorate and touch people’s heart when that beautiful styled flowers reach a house or a special moment. Ana Carolina, fashion designer and stylist, has moved from busy São Paulo to Lisbon. Ana became a florist and entrepreneur. She created Saudade Flores, the only flower shop on bike in Lisbon. Between a flower bouquet and bike deliveries, Ana builds an unique business and an inspiring lifestyle. Get to know Ana, what was like to bring Saudade Flores to life, the dark and the bright side of the light of being an entrepreneur and an inspiring woman. Get inside our last event »