We are not

The only ones believing we can change something for the better


A quick look around made us sure there are still plenty to do in our community and our city. There are inspiring people already working on wonderful projects with real positive impact. They are the real thing. Reshaping the world by starting local and true.


How we work

1. Recreart’s projects & brands portfolio

We build a portfolio of projects and businesses out of a research and Recreart’s theme expertise and interest match.


2. visibility & education

We co-create strategies and improvements to make your visibility and communication more attractive and truthful, by using our methodology, skills and network.


3. Promotion & awareness

Using our local and international network other than face to face occasions we create opportunities to introduce our portfolio of projects and brands to trend agencies, companies and brands willing to partnership or develop them even more.


4. Innovation for good

Since we have a match of interests between a project in our portfolio and a partner, we develop strategies, actions and campaigns to promote local positive impact, the project’s sustainability and the brand awareness to the social good.


5. learnings to empower

Every project shares stories and learnings to many others through workshops, masterclasses, talks and presentations, in order to inspire and empower those that are working the same path.






Research & insights

Concept & strategy

Cultural & trend analysis

Measurement & analytics

Media planning & buying



Creative consultancy

Creative direction

Art direction & design

Content & storytelling


Social media

Photography & video


Project management

Community management

Community engagement

Client services

Digital production

Master classes & workshops

Keynote presentations


Working style



We keep on asking questions until we completely understand what you need or what we can build together. And if you don’t know exactly what and how you will go for, that is where we fit in to understand and help you design this journey. We are relentless and we do care. It is about a happy making happen for all of us.


long runners. quick outcomes

We are great in reminding you your goals. Always there for you to help not to loose track. And yet working with short term deliverables. We both know we can do so much better if we know we are moving towards the right direction.


feeling good & beautiful

We love going for the subtle, the tiny detail, the words non spoke, the poem in everything. We want everyone working with us to feel good. Nothing to hide about being artistic and poetic souls. We do enjoy making things beautiful.


right to the point

If we know it. You will let you know it. If we have no clue about what you are talking about or even feel like we better not work together, we will be a 100% honest with you. And we will gladly recommend wonderful professionals within our networking. Transparency and trust are practices not only words. Anyway, we always have our fingers crossed for us to be a match.


That way we do really matters

We want to be part, to promote and to facilitate a creative and more human way of building solutions and social impact. Rather than creating something extraordinary we believe the process of doing it is much more important. We care about learning. We care about the experience out of it.


English & Portuguese mindset



Recreart is a member of the European Creative Hubs Network, an eco-system map of creative hubs in the fields of culture, creativity, education, and entrepreneurship.