Our team



Highly creative designer with more than 12 years experience in marketing solutions for brand and performance channels. Loves details, sees hidden problems, and is keen to solve them with a logic and creative approach. Very comfortable working in a full design process (from research throughout strategy and implementation) and able to handle multiple projects simultaneously to a high standard, develop creative and innovative solutions. 



Senior creative planner and copywriter with strategic mindset and energetic approach. Enjoys reading people, noticing the unspoken, writing universal and touching copys and transforming ideas into something real. Loves being grateful gathering people to work together in anything resulting in happy communities. World explorer, urban cyclist and a Pilates lover. Always struggling with being creative and structured. Then, it is time for a bicycle ride and some wine. 



Digital marketing specialist with expertise in online traffic, email marketing and performance effective campaigns in Google Ads and social media. What I like in this profession is give my best in every project and feel the duty of permanent conquest in every challenge. Following new emerging trends and technology tools in digital marketing are some of my hobbies as well as surfing, travelling, lomography and DIY projects.



Professional journalist, with more than 10 years of experience in communicating brands from all types of segments. Starting a few years ago, she saw content marketing as a new passion, one that surprises her every day. It’s important to speak to the user on the same level, with the language they want to read, translating the news and trends that they need to know. Today, she scours the Internet like no one else. She writes so much more than before. She puts into words what is said on the streets, on social media, on blogs, on a daily basis.



Her passion for books and writing has been a constant since she learned the meaning of words. She always knew that she would write for a living, and wasn’t the least bit surprised when she discovered that she also lived to write. For the past two decades, she has helped people and brands turn their ideas and visions into well told stories that are timeless and remain close to the heart. That is the true power of words. The balance between online and offline is a priority: you have to live in order to write! In addition to books and notebooks, she can’t live without coffee and chocolate, silence and the sea.



As a video creative producer, experienced in project management, innovation and marketing in big corporations, I thrive at the intersection between ideas and doing. I love turning stories ideas into profitable films, putting together a creative and talented cast and crew and creating the best conditions for all to do a great job. I am a culture lover, art geek, movies addict, world traveler, dog enthusiast that rides a bike to fresh my mind.



As an art director I work with different kinds of projects and techniques (videos, digital and offline media). Very curious and always learning from new experiences and people that I meet. I believe that life is constantly changing and that's a part of our evolution as human beings, like Christopher McCandless once said: "The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun."