We are ready

To make the good noticed and desirable


We are local entrepreneurs connectors. We help local projects, small businesses and start-ups to amplify their visibility through bold and innovative strategies, engagement communication tools. By making them more visible and connect them to a larger network we leverage their sustainability and inspire many others.



We want to make great use of our expertises and not just being part of a creative or strategic concept. We want to be part of the change by offering our skills and connecting great professionals to build something we all believe in: develop more sustainable and happy communities. 


That's it

Because we choose to see the world beyond. We go far from what is just around us. We are curious, restless, fun, and grateful creatures. We go for real connections and love dealing with impossibilities in a light, free, creative and smart way to make them possible.


About Us


Recreart is led by a creative, innovative, strategy, design and copywriting experts. Our clients are located worldwide and we work between Portugal and Brazil. We have a highly qualified and trustful network ready to compose a taylor made team, when a project calls for it. We lead the team and the project all the way. And make sure the process and results are beyond expectations. It is all about the way we do it that makes us Recrearts. Work with us!


Juliana Mortari

Co-Founder & Creative Lead

Senior communications & design professional with an ongoing curiosity for all sort of creative and sharing economy industries, behavioural, cultural analysis, innovation opportunities, digital marketing and design sources to turn human insights into tangible products and services. Fluent in the full design process (from research to strategy to implementation) and comfortable working across a range of projects and output types, and able to discuss and develop creative solutions and innovation. 

Luanda Farinha.jpg

Luanda Farinha

Video Creative Partner

As a Video Creative Producer, experienced in project management, innovation and marketing in big corporations, I thrive at the intersection between ideas and doing. I love turning stories ideas into profitable films, putting together a creative and talented cast and crew and creating the best conditions for all to do a great job. I am a culture lover, art geek, movies addict, world traveler, dog enthusiast that rides a bike to fresh my mind.


Renata Santiago

Co-Founder & Head of Strategy

Senior creative planner and copywriter with strategic mindset and energetic approach. Enjoys reading people, noticing the unspoken, writing universal and touching copys and transforming ideas into something real. Loves being grateful gathering people to work together in anything resulting in happy communities. World explorer, urban cyclist and a Pilates lover. Always struggling with being creative and structured. Then, it is time for a bicycle ride and some wine.